Hong Kong Rekindled: Morning Indulgence

While in Hong Kong, food should never be taken out of the itinerary. Almost every corner in the busy districts of the city houses an interesting eat worth tasting. From small eateries to fine dining, the selection has always been impressive.

3 On 0

During my last trip, as part of the hotel booking in Gateway Marco Polo, I had complimentary breakfast at “Three on Canton”. I didn’t have to walk around the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui in search of a place to eat since every breakfast was a sheer treat.

To start, the pastry and fruit section was fancy and chic. It had a good mix of yummy egg tarts, to variations of soft and tasty breads. The colorful fresh fruits made the display look a lot more delectable.

3 On


Traveling to Hong Kong, I doubt anyone would want to miss out on dimsum and noodles. Where else will there be a selection of authentic and amazingly good Chinese or Cantonese cuisine? I greedily indulged in the steaming hot shumai, zongzi (sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf), and, the all time favorite, hagow. The wrap of the hagow was thin yet strong enough to hold the slightly crunchy shrimp meat inside. Cute mini siopaos, with buns white as snow, were also in the dimsum menu.

3 On 3


It was pretty cold when I was there and a piping hot bowl of noodle soup was something I was craving for. I had the option of choosing what goes in my noodle soup. I took my pick from the petite sized wonton and beef balls, water cress, mushrooms and onion leeks, to the type of noodle. The broth was refreshingly flavorful – just the way I want a simple yet filling noodle soup.

3 On 5

3 On 6


For a lighter option, it was good to know that there was a healthy corner. High grain breads, breakfast cereals, and yogurts were readily available. The fresh greens section was decorated nicely with lively colored bowls filled with ingredients you need to make a refreshing salad.

3 On 2

3 On 1

Overall, the modern decor was pleasing to the eye. The view was the famous shopping district of Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, complete with the nice window displays of the luxe brands surrounding the hotel. There were more food selections, from Japanese to Indian breakfast, but I only stuck to those I heartily enjoyed feasting on.

During my last night at the hotel, I was brought by Samantha Poon, Director of Communications for Marco Polo Hotels – Hong Kong, to see the view of Hong Kong from the side of Victoria Harbor. It was simply breathtaking, evoking nostalgia while I admired the vibrant sight that I haven’t seen in years.

Marco Polo

Although I was only able to check the scene and not sample the cuisine, the picturesque view was from the famous Italian restaurant of the hotel, Cucina. I told myself that if I had a party in Hong Kong, Cucina would be the best place to hold it as I sip champagne amidst the beautiful backdrop. Well, I guess that can be the next story on my next stay.


TED words and photos Tedrick Yau

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