Photos to Aid Nepal

Nepal suffered a deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake last April 2015. A great number of people were killed with a death toll of more than 8,000 people, and more than 17,000 people injured. Other countries have already poured in support for the country, but distributing aid is still a challenge in some parts, especially at the mountainous terrains close to the Himalayas.

Actress KC Concepcion and photographer Mark Nicdao have initiated a fund-raising activity just in time to celebrate their 10th year of working together. Two years back, both Concepcion and Nicdao traveled to Nepal and documented their trip together through a series of photos. Concepcion, an ambassador of the United Nation’s World Food Programme, along with Nicdao, came up with the idea of selling the photos they took and donating all proceeds to the survivors through the World Food Programme.

KC Concepcion and Marc Nicdao

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The aim is to help other countries as well after other countries helped the Philippines in times of calamities.

The photos are almost sold out and, during the press event of the campaign, a thankful Concepcion warmly expressed her gratitude to all the people who supported the endeavor. She feels that there is a need to give back to other countries and hopes that Nepal may find a way to return to the way it was before the earthquake.


For more information on how to help Nepal, visit the World Food Programme at

~ words Tedrick Yau

Contrib - Richmond photos Richmond Chi

A banker for more than a decade, Richmond Chi recently pursued his aspiration of becoming a full-fledged photographer. He is an alumnus of the Federation of Philippine Photographers and currently serves as secretary of the Likha Camera Club. Some of his works were already chosen as finalists in photo competitions, with some garnering top prizes.

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