The Fashion for a Marriott Wedding

Marriott Hotel Manila’s signature “Marry Me at Marriott” event was held for the first time at the newly launched Marriott Grand Ballroom. The venue can sit almost two thousand guests comfortably for a dinner, and accommodate almost four thousand guests for a cocktail party. Randy Ortiz, Rhett Eala, Jun Escario, JC Buendia, Rajo Laurel, and Frederick Peralte, six of the Philippine’s seasoned fashion designers, were invited to showcase their visions for a blushing bride, as well as a standout entourage. The runway became a walk in a garden with aisles of greens and flowers, and candles in glass lamps. The fashion show coincided with one of the many lavish celebrations to signify the first of many events in Manila’s biggest ballroom. The photos were taken using only a mobile phone camera by a spectator on the front row.

~ words and photos TEDRICK YAU

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